bullet imagebullet imageCancer can be defined as a categorized cell system of uncontrolled and abnormal cells. 

Cancer is a deadly disease that can affect the external body like the skin or it can affect the internal organs ranging from the throat to intestines and other organs.It reaches the cells or organs with a rapid speed.Cancer is abnormal cells that are out of control within the body.If the growth of the cells aren't stopped; it can lead to death.Cell invasion is another way to describe it.There are many underlining causes of cancer such as external factors like our environment that is invaded with tobacco smoke. Our unhealthy life styles predisposes us to cancer, like first and foremost smoking,second hand smoke, pollution,chemicals, unhealthy processed foods that contains dangerous substances,contagious organisms ,hormones,  and last too much exposure to the sun.Exposure to cancer can go unnoticed for a decade or more before it finally manifests. This is why regular routine checks ups are so important so that cancer can be caught in the early stages and a person's life can be saved.The American Cancer Society recommends that all people get regular exercise and eat healthy foods like raw vegetables and fruit along with  a healthy weight. According to The American Cancer Society ,about 589,430 Americans are expected to die of cancer or about 1,620 people per day. Cancer is currently treated by surgery,radiation chemotherapy,hormone and immune therapy.In addition, there is targeted therapy with the use of strong chemical pills to stop the growth of the cells.All evasive approaches can either be successful or non- successful. Radiation weakens the immune  system which can in turn be a negative affect on a cancer patient thus causing their body stress and sometimes the body cannot fight under these circumstances. Chemotherapy kills normal cells. In other words the body is invaded by cancer,chemicals and radiation.These methods leaves the body with no defense to repair its self.However in certain circumstances depending on the stage of cancer,the kind of cancer and other factors a cancer patient may be a very strong person and can actually withstand the evasive procedures.Some individuals are stronger than others with the disease .Some that are strong make full recoveries while weaker individuals don't. Other non evasive treatments are becoming popular even though there is a lot of controversy concerning natural methods. According to a particular guy named Jason Val who was diagnosed with cancer claimed to cure his cancer with simply eating apricot seeds and then was later arrested because he then sold the apricot seeds to other cancer patients.For more detailed information please see the video below.There have been lots of success stories with the natural method remedies.Of course many people with common sense would know why there would be a lot of controversy on the subject. It is about the money, currently it costs $88.7 billion for the care of cancer patients. Statistics are from MEPS(meps.ahra.gov/mepsweb).

However,there are some kind doctors who claim that they have simple solutions for a cure.Some speak on a raw diet plan which stops the growth of cancer and can prevent further spreading.Foods that are rich in oxygen are the preferred choice of foods.Even fasting is recommended.Blood transfusion of rich oxygenated blood and alkaline food diet method.Some have chosen cannabis as a  source for cancer because their has been an extensive research on it.The results of the marijuana research found it to be very beneficial when prescribed by the doctor. Herbal and detox remedies are other natural methods to battle cancer with. All these natural remedies are explained further in videos in greater detail below.

Natural Cancer cure

This video talks about some of the ways you can fight cancer and why doctors are not supportive of natural remedies.

Every Cancer can be cured

Dr.Coldwell speaks about alkaline foods,the benefits of a blood transfusion,and other interesting methods of curing cancer


Cured by Apricot Seeds

Jason Vale the wrestler champion of New York.Cured by eating apricot seeds.